Call for Papers: Social Distancing, Covid-19, and Experiential Narratives (Special Issue)

Call for Papers: 
Salesian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
(Special Issue)
Social Distancing, Covid-19, and Experiential Narratives 

The ‘viral times’ and the pandemonium that we are travelling through at this historical juncture is witnessing inexhaustible themes that have been widely discussed in relative degrees of importance. Today, it appears that our perception of the world is determined by expressed scepticism towards almost everything including – hitherto – the ‘much trusted’ medico-scientific establishment. With a disruption of pre-corona ‘routinised’ time and narrowing down of ‘public’ space, the topos of the socially isolated and sceptical ‘self’ –at ‘home’ in solitude or loneliness – has emerged as recurrent themes of concern and discussions. Desperate attempts are being made by the locked downs to assign new existential meanings as an underside to the meaninglessness and existential defeat that the pandemonium has apparently caused. For the spatially constrained and temporally disoriented self, home has become a “metaphor for existence” – either temporally/spatially being at home or longing for one as with the case of thousands of migrant workers in India walking miles in search of this metaphor. 

It is with this experiential background Salesian Research Centre and Salesian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences attempts to bring together the experiential narratives of the Faculty members of Salesian College across various disciplines to reflect upon their academic insights on the present situation. We welcome short contributions (within 5000 words) which can be theoretical essays, critical reviews or empirical essays. The contributors are expected to reflect upon intersections of the virus with different elements of politics, society, economy, as well as everydayness. 

The papers can explore the following themes (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Distress, Anxiety, Uncertainty
  • Migration and Mobility
  • Place and Belonging
  • Moral Panic
  • Gender and Domesticity
  • Ethnicity and racial discrimination
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Future Life and way forward

The special Issue is expected to be published in the Month of September 2020. Interested Faculty members are requested to send their abstracts (500) for the papers outlining the themes of interest by 10 July 2020. Authors can email their abstracts to: and CC to: Professor George Thadathil at the following email address:

Full Papers are due on 30 August 2020.

The Editorial Board, Salesian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
Director and Team, Salesian Research Centre

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