SCSpeaks 2020

Year 2020
Language English
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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all? Silence…. There is no answer. I notice a little fracture on the mirror, it is stained, nkempt and unclean, there’s a reflection of someone who resembles us, and it stares right into the abyss of our eyes.

As COVID-19, the infamous pandemic lurks around, there are also locust invasions, arsons, mob lynching’s, racial slurs, disputes on the lands, quarrels on the mountains, the burning of the rainforests, the melting of the ice caps.

Living in the times when the ‘Fair is foul, and the foul is fair’, doesn’t outbreaks like COVID-19 hold a mirror, to show us, where we are and how we’ve been, to ourselves and to our Mother Earth? 2020 definitely has been uncertain and unkind. It has socially distanced us, physically secluded us from our everyday people & spaces. While we wear our literal and figurative masks and soak into the sanitizers of time. What have we done? What have we realised? Will everything be the same again? Will we persist to disregard what is left of us, our lives and our homes? As these questions perdure, with hope, we yearn for a better tomorrow, while we also learn from our yesterday, and SCSpeaks attests to both, like a mirror, reflecting on what is gone, what still remains and what is yet to come.

It fills our hearts with pride & joy, to have been able to curate this special 20th edition of the SCSpeaks, even in these difficult times when everything seems fragile and bleak. The amalgamation of every letter, every word here, weaves a tapestry of strength and resilience as it tells us to carry on with grit and laughter. The assorted musings and memoirs from the students and the teachers adorns the magazine, encompassing the themes of love, war, politics and everything in between.

We are forever grateful to the Principal – Fr Dr George Thadathil, Rector Fr Dr Tomy Augustin, Vice Principal – Br Jose, Director Radio Salesian – Fr C.M. Paul, Bursar – Fr Jagjivan for their love and guidance.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all the teachers, HoD’s, Design team (Mr Alfred & Mr Bruno), Co-ordinators, Dean, Office staff, and the entire SCS Family for extending their constant support.

We hope you’ll enjoy the feat.

Mr Rahul Pradhan
Assistant Professor,
Department of English


Mr Samip Sinchuri
Assistant Professor,
Department of Sociology


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