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Through Him, With Him, In Him
by Kuzhipala Sebastian, SDB
About the Book:

Through Him, With Him, In Him narrates the author’s mission ventures among the Santals of Murshidabad particularly Berhampore. It contains the agony and ecstasy of a missionary, who dedicated himself for over a decade for the evangelization, education and social development of the Santals.

About the Author:

Kuzhipala Sebastian is an alumnus of Salesian college Sonada. Ordained a priest on 20-12-1977, Fr. Kuzhipala Sebastian, SDB became a prominent missionary, educationist and social activist based in Berhapmpore, Murshidabad district West Bengal. He has keen interest in the area of evangelization, education, social reform, Santal culture and traditions.

Raindrops on the Young Green
by Thirumalachalil George, SDB
About the Book:

Raindrops on the Young Green is a meditation on the Bible in the light of the author’s years of life and work in ‘the land of sunrise and sunset’- Darjeeling, Sikkim and Nepal. The first part of the book contains reflections on the parable of the prodigal son. The second part contains faith lessons written for publication at different times in catechetical magazines.  It is hoped that the reflections on the Bible contained in these pages would bring new dynamism and hope to the drooping spirits and shaken resolves of the reader.

About the Author:

George Thirumalachalil, SDB is an alumnus and former head of the department of History at Salesian College Sonada. He has pioneered a number of missions in the Himalayan regions. He is the author of ‘Jesus Yes’ and has contributed a number of articles catechetical journals. He is a historian with an avid interest in Church history.

The Power of Intercession
by Dr. Aymanathil Joseph, SDB
About the Book:

The Power of Intercession explores the development of this charism in the church and seeks to establish its scriptural foundations. It begins by explaining what intercession is all about as well as its purpose and goals. Drawing on the great intercessors of the Bible the book discusses such issues as qualities of an intercessor, prophetic intercession and the necessity for intercession now and forever.

About the Author

Dr. Aymanathil Joseph, SDB is an alumnus of Salesian College Sonada and holds a doctorate in Canon Law. He has been an intercessor and counsellor, preacher and teacher for several years besides being a consultant to dioceses and congregations on canonical matters. He is also involved in the education and health care of numerous slum children in Kolkata.

Inner Healing of Soul, Heart, Mind and Spirit
by C.J. Sebastian, sdb
About the Book:

Inner Healing of Soul, Heart, Mind and Spiritis a spiritual guide to attain true inner healing of soul, mind and spirit.The reflections on the Bible, suggested prayers and processes help the seeker to overcome sinful habits and bondages as well as emotional hurts and trauma.

About the Author:

C.J. Sebastian, SDB is an alumnus and a former faculty of Salesian College Sonada. He has been a pastor, formator, and administrator and retreat animator. He has been the founder director of Calcutta Charismatic Renewal Services for over 16 years. He has been directing retreat for the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa in different parts of the world. His other publications includeHealer Heal Me, Healing and Freedom, My Daily Way of the Cross, Welcome Holy Spirit, andI rejoice in your Promises.

The Educative Rapport
by Dr. Pulingathil Mathew, sdb
About the Book:

The Educative Rapport is an effort towards inculturating valid systems of education, in this case, the Don Bosco Educative System, into the main stream of India’s own traditional educative heritage, with the hope that many other will continue in the same direction. The book is published by Don Bosco Editions, Calcutta.

About the Author:

Dr. Pulingthail Mathew is an alumnus of Salesian College Sonada, a former HoD  of the department of Education, Rector of Salesian College Sonada and later Rector of Salesian College Siliguri campus. He holds a doctorate in Education from Salesian Pontifical University, Rome.

The God of Rabindranath Tagore
by Dr. Chunkapura Jose, sdb
About the Book:

The God of Rabindranath Tagore published is an effort to sketch the phases of the development  of Tagore’s idea of God. The work comprises of six main chapters, the first five traces the evolution of Tagore’s idea of God during the eighty years of his life and the final chapter provides the author’s own assessment of Tagore’s position vis-à-vis Catholic theology.  The book is published by VisvaBharati university, Santiniketan.

About the Author:

Dr. Chunkapura Jose is an alumnus of Salesian College Sonada. He holds a doctorate in Theology and has been professor of Theology at Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong for several years. He is now appointed President of the college. He pioneered work for children affected by rickets in the state of Meghalaya.  He served the Salesian province of Kolkata as the Vice provincial.  His area of academic interest includes Theology, Biblical studies, Bengali literature and culture.

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