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Alumnews - July 2015


In times past, cities were built on mountain tops for safety reasons and they were visible from afar. “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Mt. 5.14); so did the Lord Jesus teach his disciples that their good works should shine like the hill-top cities. A young cricket fan was one day strutting along to play with his friends. As he walked on, he shouted: “I am the best batsman in the world” and threw the ball up for a hit but missed. He repeated his self-motivating slogan and went for the ball a second time. Oops! He missed that too. He didn’t give up. For a third time, he tossed the ball and went for a strike. This time too he failed to hit but he exclaimed Yo! “I am the best bowler in the world.” In a world of ‘hit – n – miss’ the Salesian citizens of their alma mater on the queen of the hills have a special mission to the society at large: to spread the light of hope and peace and relentlessly to work towards making them a reality. Whatever we have become and achieved must in turn benefit as many others as we can reach out and touch. Only then can we claim to be true our motto “flamma ardens et lucens.”

Fr. Dr. James C. Molekunnel SDB
Rector, Salesian College Sonada.














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