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TST December 2018

Connectedness adds to Wellbeing

People want to live long and live happy. So are all our college students. We can talk about two types of longevity; one can add years to one’s life and second is to add life to one’s years. Well, we really cannot add years to our life in terms of years, months or days. Some believe in destiny, others in chance while still some others leave it to the Creator. But no one is sure of one life with its longevity. The recent floods in Kerala is a clear sign of helplessness before the mighty power of the natural forces. People make lots of efforts to live long; they take care of food habits, exercise, rest and relaxation. But no one knows how many years, months or days can be added to one’s life. Though it is not in our hands to add years to our life it is in our hands to add life to our years. The recent Exsurge in which 18.5 per cent of the whole college participated is an indication that we have very few who are really conscious/concerned about adding life one’s life. All those who participated have added to wellbeing account of their life. It was a moment to be joyful, supportive, encouraging, appreciating and much more enjoying each other’s company with all the good in the persons. This small note is an invitation to all to create more depth to one’s life. Have more rich experiences with lots of fulfilment. Abraham Maslow talks about need fulfilment with various stages; biological and Physiological with air, food, warmth and all human needs; safety including protection, security, order and law; belongingness and love needs; need for esteem meaning achievement, status, reputation and responsibility; the final stage is self-actualisation which leads to personal growth and fulfilment which means a life where one enjoys wellbeing. All these needs fulfilment require connectivity. Now the question is: How do we add more life or depth to our life. The key is the strength of our social connections.

Fr. Dr. George Chempakathinal,
SDB, VP, Siliguri Campus














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