The DBHEI 2021 Conference

The Don Bosco Higher Education India is 21 years old if one goes by the first-ever meeting of the then existing higher education institutions of the Indian Provinces in Tiruppattur in December 2000 – with five member institutions. The 2021, 21st year conference had 43 participants from 36 colleges and universities out of the 45+ in the country. The province coordinators and the member institutions along with the President Fr Januarius Sungma sdb, the provincial of Guwahati and the Secretary, Fr Dr Thadeus Gregory sdb, Principal Don Bosco College Yellagiri and other members – Fr Wilfred Fernandes sdb, Panjim and Fr Dr KO Sebastian sdb of Maram presided at the Business Meeting on the concluding day at the newly inaugurated Wollaston Block of St Anthony’s College Shillong on 13th.

The Meeting began on 12th morning at Siloam Campus of St Anthony’s and was hosted by the Guwahati Province, with Fr Dr Bivans Mukhim sdb being the local organizing secretary and president of the North East regional Unit of the DBHEI. The Kolkata Province was represented by Fr George Thadathil sdb (SCSC) and Mr Uday Mall, Dean, Commerce, SCS. The three special sessions dealt with the Province wise update on the situation of higher education, the need for strengthening Campus Ministry in Colleges and on the Implications of the NEP (National Education Policy) in terms of enrollment strength, the potential for growth over the coming decade and the possibilities of forming clusters of colleges within the States to overcome some of the projected hurdles. The camaraderie and the peaceful ambiance of the Siloam made the Conference a very satisfying experience for everyone.

Arrival : Arrival : 11th

Conference Date : 12-13 November 2021.

Departure : 14th November 2021

Venu : St Anthony’s College, Shillong

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